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We are enthusiasts who are into baths. We like to do a good job of restoration for its own satisfaction, the reward of seeing something worn and tired restored to its former glory. If feels good to see the finished bath shining like new and experience the clients delight and appreciation.


Obviously we do this work for a living but that does not mean we do it only for the money. Income is the exchange for work well done, a natural consequence of doing things right. If you do each bath with the purpose of getting it perfect – as though it was one’s own, you always feel good about your business, you get recommended on to others and you earn a living. In my experience a job well done is always the most effective and reliable form of promotion.


Bath restoration is a science and an art. The science contains technology, how skilfully the technology is applied is the art. It requires concentration, patience, understanding, good perception, experience, care, a purpose to get it right, endurance and a willingness to keep grafting under difficult conditions. As a job it is not everyone’s cup of tea.


You may find this site excessively informative, straight up and gritty but I just want to put you in contact with the field of bath restoration so you know what it is all about to help you decide what to do.


I personally run the bath resurfacing business in the Western Cape and in fact do some of the hands-on bath resurfacing work myself here. Yes perhaps by now I should be sitting at a desk but I enjoy travelling around resurfacing baths, meeting customers and seeing the smile on their face when I am finished the job. I also feel it is important to continue to improve our service and technology and the best place to do this is out on the road doing the actual work.


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If you want to discuss anything at any time about bath resurfacing feel free to call me on my cell. I am approachable, down to earth and honest. This is important because some customers can get confused by marketing hype and technical buzzwords when trying to make the right decision about their bath.


I quite often have to take the time to explain the home truths of bath restoration to customers who have been bamboozled. You see the normal and logical buying approach of choosing the company that has ticked all the right boxes for the least cost will not necessarily get you the best deal with bath resurfacing.


The reason for this is because some of the boxes one is led to believe should be ticked should in fact be crossed. Oops that statement will not improve my popularity! But hey, I have been doing baths for twenty years and I know what I am talking about and I like to talk straight. The frequently asked questions is a large part of this site and is worth browsing as it clarifies the truth about most aspects of this kind of work.

So this is us, in a nutshell.