Baths restored to ‘as-new’ condition in your home
Enamel and Acrylic baths restored
Complete re-enamelling or invisible chip repair
Coloured baths changed to white or white changed to any colour
Colour-matched repairs
We restore baths, by completely re-enamelling them or repairing chip damage. We invisibly repair chip damage to other bathroom fixtures.
We can also change a coloured bath to white if you are replacing other parts of the suite and wish to retain the quality of an old bath.
The work is done in only 3 to 4 hours at your home, and is covered by a 5 year guarantee.

We cover the entire Western Cape


We are enthusiasts who are into baths. We like to do a good job of restoration for its own satisfaction, the reward of seeing something worn and tired restored to its former glory. It feels good to see the finished bath shining like new and experience the client’s delight and appreciation.


You can call me at any time between 7am and 10pm weekdays and weekends on 079 999 91 90 to have a chat about your bath. I am interested and keen to help.




Our priority is life span. In fact with some an obsession. We want a long lasting deep shine that is easy to clean.


To achieve this it is necessary to pay particular attention to the effectiveness of the adhesion system. This is the part of the job that concerns making the new surface stick to the old one. See our Process page for more details. This involves using advanced materials that we have specially developed over decades and these go over the old surface before the new white enamel is applied. In other words we basically resurface the bath twice forming a durable laminate.